Graduate of Silesian University's Krzysztof Kieslowski's radio and television faculty.

First Assistant Director and Second Assistant Director of tv commercials (McDonald's, Orange, T-Mobile, Lay's, PKO, PZU, Getin Bank, Plus, mBank, NC+, Samsung, Virgin Mobile), tv shows ("Usta Usta", "Lekarze", "O mnie się nie martw") and full-length feauters ("Letters to Santa", "You are God", "Letters to Santa 2", "Taxing Love").

Director of music videos ("Nie gotujemy" The Dumplings) and commercials ("Storage workers" for Heli, "Sync everything" for Syngi, "Letters to Santa 2" promos, Plush "Love").

Director of Hoop Likes Festivals in 2014 & 2015 (www.likesfestival.com).

Special Award winner on the Papaya Young Directors 2014 competition with Apap (painkiller) commercial "Boss".

"62 Miles to go" music video was chosen to participate on KTR's YOUNG DIRECTORS screenings.



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